Back to the Wharf (N/C 12+) (2021)

  • Drama, Neo-noir, Subtitled
  • 1h 58m

The extraordinary events of one day reverberate down the years in Li Xiaofeng’s haunting noir-tinged drama. Song Hao is a star pupil with a bright future until his university place is given to another boy. Events spiral from heartbreak to a murder that forces him to flee, returning home 15 years later for his mother’s funeral. Understanding what happened that day becomes his only hope of a brighter future in a lushly beautiful, compelling tale that reveals something rotten at the heart of modern China. Zhang Yu from An Elephant Sitting Still is excellent as the hapless hero.

UK Premiere. Thanks to Rediance.

Content Warning: Death, mild physical violence

Available from 20.30 on Monday 1 March until 20.30 on Thursday 4 March. Limited tickets available.


Li Xiaofeng


Mandarin with English subtitles





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