Murmur (N/C 12+) (2021)

  • drama, Captioned
  • 1h 25m

Hailed as a ‘masterpiece of poignancy’ Heather Young’s quietly devastating debut offers an acutely observed portrait of a lonely life. Donna (Andria Edwards) lives by herself and finds solace in alcohol. She has been involved in a drunk driving incident and part of her sentence requires her to work at an animal rescue centre. Her heart is stolen by an elderly dog that is threatened with euthanasia. Naturally, she winds up giving the dog a home. A pet’s unconditional love proves irresistible and Donna’s collection of rescued animals begins to grow far beyond what is practical.

UK Premiere. Thanks to Houseplant Films

Content Warnings: Addiction, alcoholism, animal death, mental health issues

Available from 15.30 on Friday 26 February until 15.30 on Monday 1 March. Limited tickets available.


Heather Young







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