Our Midnight (N/C 15+) (2021)

  • Drama, Foreign Language, Subtitled, Romance
  • 1h 17m

If you love the early films of Jim Jarmusch or the endless possibilities of a night with Richard Linklater then Our Midnight is for you. Lim Jung-eun’s debut feature is a plaintive, black and white ode to lost souls and chance encounters. Actor Ji-hoon (Lee Seung-hun) has taken a job patrolling a bridge over the Han River that has become a notorious suicide spot. Eun-yeung (Park Seo-eun) is under immense strain at work after reporting a colleague to the police. One night, she meets Ji-hoon at the bridge and a bond is forged as they walk through the twinkling lights and empty streets of Seoul.

UK Premiere. Thanks to IndieStory Inc.

Content Warnings: Suicide/ Self-harm.

Available from 20.15 on Thursday 4 March until 20.15 on Sunday 7 March. Limited tickets available.


Lim Jung-eun






South Korea


IndieStory Inc

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