The Last Ones (N/C 12+) (2021)

  • Drama, Foreign Language, Subtitled
  • 1h 57m

The stark, unforgiving landscapes of Lapland perfectly match the emotional turmoil at the heart of Estonia’s Oscar candidate. A remote village has become a flashpoint between miners and traditional reindeer herders. Young miner Rupi (Paaru Oja) is at odds with his family and tormented by a love for his friend’s wife Riitta (Laura Birn). Powerful mine owner Kari (Tommi Korpela) also has an eye for Riita. Danger at the mine and the destructive grind of life far from civilisation all begin to tell as rivalries boil over into betrayal, violence and a fight for survival.

UK Premiere. Thanks to Loco Films

Content Warnings: Drug use, blood / gore, suicide / self-harm

Available from 18.00 on Friday 26 February until 18.00 on Monday 1 March. Limited tickets available.


Veiko Õunpuu


Finnish, English subtitles




Netherlands, Estonia, Finland

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