The Swordsman (N/C 15+) (2020)

  • Action, Drama, Foreign Language, Subtitled
  • 1h 40m

Royal guard and skilled swordsman Tae-yul has long been in hiding and content with a quiet life of seclusion with his daughter Tae-ok. However, their peaceful existence is threatened when an old injury causes Tae-yul’s eyesight to fail. When Tae-ok is captured and taken by slave trader Gurutai (The Raid’s Joe Taslim), Tae-yul is left with little choice but to raise his sword one last time in order to save his daughter. The Swordsman is a wonderful blend of epic fight scenes and heartfelt drama that is sure to have you hooked right up until its exhilarating climax.

UK Premiere. Thanks to Trinity CineAsia

Content Warning: Death, kidnapping, strong physical violence, blood/gore, mild sexual references

Available from 15.30 on Sunday 28 February until 15.30 on Wednesday 3 March. Limited tickets available.


Choi Jae-hoon


Korean, English Subtitles




South Korea

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