The Woman with Leopard Shoes (N/C 18+) (2020)

  • Horror, Foreign Language, Subtitled
  • 1h 20m

Remember Here Comes Hell, that black and white mystery thriller that caused a Glasgow sensation? Well, here’s your next retro fix, first-timer Alexis Bruchon’s impressively old school yet ultra-modern noir thriller that twists, turns and twists again. A thief is engaged by a mysterious woman to steal a box from a house. The job goes well but, as he’s escaping, dozens of people arrive for a party. The thief just has time to hide in a study. Confined in this little room, he tries to flee but things take a turn for the worse when he makes a shocking discovery.

This film has bonus content available.
After the film, scroll down to watch the Q&A.

Scottish Premiere. Thanks to Alexis Bruchon

Content warnings: Death, Blood/ Gore

Film and bonus content available from 16.00 on Friday 5 March until 16.00 on Monday 8 March. Limited tickets available.


Alexis Bruchon


French, English Subtitles





Bonus Content

The Woman with Leopard Shoes Intro
The Woman with Leopard Shoes Q&A

May contain spoilers for the film.

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