Victim(s) (N/C 15+) (2020)

  • Crime, Drama, Foreign Language, Subtitled
  • 1h 47m

Layla Zhuqing Ji’s powerful debut feature offers a hard-hitting examination of teenage knife crime. Gangzi (Kahoe Hon) is stabbed to death. His schoolmate Chen (Xianjun Fu) confesses to the crime. Why would a smart, mild-mannered star pupil commit cold-blooded murder? Were they rivals for a new girl in class? The answer lies in a culture of bullying flourishing unchecked in a school dominated by merciless girls and mindless boys. Based on true events, Victim(s) offers a compelling account of the crime and a society keen to judge rather than understand.

UK Premiere. Thanks to Coastline Pictures

‘Ji crafts a scathing social critique.’ - Screen Daily

Content Warnings: Abuse, Bullying, Strong physical violence, Suicide/ Self-harm

Available from 13.00 on Sunday 28 February until 13.00 on Wednesday 3 March. Limited tickets available.


Layla Zhuqing Ji


Mandarin, English subtitles





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