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Glasgow Film is committed to improving connections with, and providing increased access for, our diverse audiences.

Accessible Screenings

Glasgow Film programmes captioned screenings to enable D/deaf people, people with varying hearing loss, and people whose first language is not English, to have full access to a film for a better watching experience.

We also provide a range of subtitled films, mainly for foreign language titles. We provide both listings for audiences to give the fullest access information on booking. Captions are a transcription of dialogue and off-screen sounds designed for D/deaf people and those with varied hearing loss. Subtitles are a transcription of dialogue that is not in English.

We also programme Audio Described screenings of selected films. Audio Description is a service for partially sighted or blind people providing an audio track of key visual descriptions. This track runs in time with the film’s action.

Accessible screenings are made available at the distributors’ discretion and we actively request these provisions when booking films.



Promising Young Woman
1h 53m Comedy, Crime 2020
County Lines
1h 30m Drama, British 2020
Mogul Mowgli
1h 30m Drama, Captioned 2020
Saint Maud
1h 24m Horror, Captioned 2020
Days of the Bagnold Summer
1h 26m Comedy, Captioned 2020
1h 29m Drama, Captioned 2019
1h 43m Horror, Sci-fi 2020
1h 25m Drama, Captioned 2019
Killing Escobar
1h 33m Documentary, Crime 2021
Eye of the Storm
1h 18m Documentary, Animation 2021


La Haine
1h 38m Crime, Drama 1995
Song Without a Name
1h 37m Drama 2019
Varda by Agnès
1h 55m Biography, Documentary 2019
Les Misérables
1h 44m Drama 2020

Audio Described

Killing Escobar - Audio Described
1h 33m Crime, Documentary 2021
Eye of the Storm - Audio Described
1h 18m Documentary, Animation 2021

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